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Saturday, January 15, 2011
With the New Year coming around and some fabulous fashion about to grace runways in a month or so, I think it's time for some fun changes. I'll make the first proposal. How about some glitter to enliven 2011? Here are my favorite ideas:

Glitter Eyeliner

J'adore Sephora's glitter eyeliner. When I first saw it at the store I totally fell in love. My favorite is the purple, which also has some emerald and silver accents thrown in the mix. Try it out with winged black liquid eyeliner for the main event.

Another great one is Urban Decay's Heavy Metal eyeliner. They come in a true rainbow of glitter colors and have total rocker-esque packaging.

Glitter Nails

I have a bona fide obsession with nail polish, especially if it contains glitter. One of my favorites is OPI's Absolutely Alice. It's a great rich blue that I always get tons of compliments on, and it's key for standing out at parties.

Recently I've also gotten hooked on the Rescue Beauty Lounge line of nail lacquers. Their gunmetal/purple Frugalista color is perfect for a sparkling change.

Glitter Shoes

Put your best foot forward right? Start off the new year with some sky high shine. These Steve Madden pumps are totally enviable, and amazing if you want people to do a double take with your... shoes.

Then of course there are those days when the four inch pump just isn't appropriate footwear. To keep your glitter trail going though, make a fuschia step in these flats from Gap

Glitter Shorts

Dannielle Kyrillos actually first showed me these silver sequined shorts from Madewell, but there are plenty of lower priced versions from places such as H&M and Forever 21.

I hope some of these ideas sound chic and wearable, because in 2011 standing out may include leaving a trail of sparkles behind you!

Christina Anne


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