C'est American Chic: A Full Week of Fabulous Day 3

Monday, July 26, 2010
After my first incredible day in NYC I have to say that there is truly no city like it. Even though I've been there before, it's always full of new and exciting surprises. Today I checked out the American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Thanks to my lovely grandmother, I managed to get a behind the scenes tour when the museum was closed and the only people allowed in were staff and their special guests. The exhibit is one of the most incredible that the museum has ever done, in my opinion the only rival being last years' The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion. The exhibit also doesn't allow photography, so the ones shown here will probably not be found anywhere else. I hope you all enjoy one of the coolest, most inspirational, most beautiful exhibits I've ever seen anywhere.

I apologize for the blurriness of this photo, It says Bohemian, 1990s.

My favorite headpieces in the exhibit were the ones in the flapper exhibit. All wigs and headpieces were designed by Julien d'Ys.

I believe the pictures are mostly self explanatory. These pictures do not by any means do the exhibit justice. If you have the chance, you should really try to check it out before it closes on August 15. Now for some more classic Met stuff...

Some annoyingly blurry pictures of me at the Met.

Me in front of the new Met flowers! Every week a crew switches them with a new theme of flowers, thiss week is tropical with lots of birds of paradise.

The new front desk flowers, still under construction.

The front of the Met and the famous Met steps commonly featured on Gossip Girl.

Nobody does it like the Empire State! More tomorrow!

Christina Anne

High Style: A Full Week of Fabulous Day 2

Sunday, July 25, 2010
So as you all were informed, I am in New Jersey tonight, getting ready for my week in Manhattan. To kick things off, tomorrow I will be seeing the American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on the museum's day off. The exhibit follows female styles from 1890 through 1940 and how women "initiated style revolutions" as The Met itself describes it. The exhibit contains both pieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute and The Brooklyn Museums' costume collection, which has been recently given as a gift to The Met. I'll bring you all the exclusive details tomorrow afternoon, and I'm sure it'll be pretty sweet. Until tomorrow all you lovely people!
The title image for the exhibit

Christina Anne

A Beautiful Surprise: A Full Week of Fabulous Day 1

It is no secret that Miss Saturday Morning adores MAC Cosmetics. So, we were psyched beyond words when we found out that MAC is doing a collaboration with the fashion line Rodarte, designed by Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Their success is another very poorly kept secret, as they have been featured in almost every major fashion magazine and websitew known to mankind. Their line of pretty dresses for Target last year (and their incredible relationship with fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson) was remarkable a will not be soon forgotten. After working with MAC on the cool tribal like temporary tattoos they featured in their fall/winter 2010 runway show, they are now ready to introduce a cosmetics collection with them. It promises to be ethereal, cool, and very Rodarte. We can't wait!
Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the designers of Rodarte

Tribal painted on tattoos at the Rodarte f/w 2010 show

 The cosmetics line is meant to be somewhat inspired by the candle wax heels Nicholas Kirwood designed with Rodarte, above.

And in case you weren't completely sold, Miss Saturday Morning has an insider bit of information: MAC and Rodarte will be previewing their cosmetics line at New York Fashions Night Out on September 10, 2010. Another bit of info: Miss Saturday Morning will be there too.

Christina Anne and Taryn Juliette

A Full Week of Fabulous

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
As the summer drones on, we can imagine that all of our readers are getting pretty bored. We definitely have the case of the summer blues here in Southern California, because for some reason the sun just can't seem to shine. Whenever it gets too cloudy for our taste, there is really only one solution: hit up Manhattan. This weekend I leave for the Empire State to pull you lovely people out of the doldrums, so stay tuned for a Week of Miss Saturday Morning. Starting this Saturday we will be posting every single day for a week with some insider makeup secrets, behind the scenes tours, and fabulous street style. So put on your bikinis, grab your shades, and head over to Miss Saturday Morning; this summer is about to get a whole lot more stylish.

Christina Anne

P.S. As a kick off to a week of fabulous fashion, I just found this picture from my Spain trip this past Spring. I love my friend Mckenna's (on the left) style, very classic and cute. Ralph Lauren would be proud.

A Foreign Pursuit

First off, we'd like to apologize for our erratic posting recently. It's about to get much more... dare we say: normal.

Usually here at Miss Saturday Morning we show you fashion or beauty related things. Today we're branching out and delving into a more musical pursuit.

We're obsessed with an Indie rock band called Barcelona. Formed in 2005 by four guys from Seattle, Washington, Barcelona released their first CD, Absolutes, in 2007. We love every song on this CD, but we especially love their song "It's About Time". Check it out below:

Although this band isn't really from Barcelona, we still think of them as a cool foreign pursuit.

Christina Anne and Taryn Juliette

Hottest Look of the Week: Yankee Pride

Monday, July 5, 2010

After a weekend filled with barbecues and brownies, the fabulous Fourth of July finally arrived yesterday. With it's amazing color palettes and cute patterns we absolutely adore the Independence Day fashions. Usually though it's only little kids who get into the spirit, so we were totally psyched when we saw this girl at the Bird Rock Fourth of July Parade in La Jolla, CA. She epitomizes the bests of our country, with a ruffled blue and white striped blouse tucked into adorable blue shorts. Our favorites are her lace up wedges and red lipstick, which perfectly finish off the look. We love her outfit, and especially love her sense of Yankee Pride. 

Christina Anne and Taryn Juliette

Talk About Being A Character

While we at Miss Saturday Morning live for street fashion and fawn over haute couture, we are aware that in some places a more traditional attire is expected. And just because these styles are traditional, it doesn't mean they can't be fierce. Any young budding performers among the MSM crowd will be familiar with the coming-of-age transfer from jazz and ballet shoes to character shoes

Picking the proper character shoe can be a lot harder that you think. There are a few tips out there to ensure that the character shoes you purchase will be perfect for any situation, whether you're Cell Block Tango-ing in Chicago or just owing the stage as Juliet from Shakespeare's classic Romeo & Juliet

Nude (tan/caramel) character shoes are the most desirable choice for shoe color because the skin tone of the shoe will blend with your natural skin tone, resulting in the shoe appearing to lengthen the line of your leg, and really, who doesn't want longer looking legs?

A basic nude character shoe.

Black character shoes, while they cut the line of your leg at the ankle, should not be disregarded. They are a favorite choice for actresses who do period-pieces (shows that take place in previous eras) because they match costumes better and are more elegant than nude character shoes. 

Traditional Black Character Shoes.

The last few customizing choices one has to make before committing to a pair of character shoes are vital to performance and comfort, as opposed to aesthetics. With heels that often max out at 3'', the most common character heel is 2''. At Miss Saturday Morning, we happen to be a fan of going the extra mile, so to speak, and committing to a 2 1/2'' heel, because it'll make your leg look more slender and it gives you a little extra height.

Lastly, we present to you the age old rivalry of picking "t-strap'' or ''straight bar'' character shoes. The only difference is quite literally, a leather strap that connects from the toe of the shoe to the ankle strap. Personally, we find ''t-strap'' character shoes a little more grown-up and a little more professional, but it's a choice that every performer must make for themselves.

"T-Strap" Character Shoes.

Character shoes are tools of the trade in theatre, and we hope that any young aspiring lime-lighters have taken these tips to heart, because even when it's not haute couture, being fashionable in the workplace is still possible.

Christina Anne and Taryn Juliette

Please Note: None of the pictures used in this post are property of Miss Saturday Morning. Thank you!