Spotted: MSM in NYC

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Hello everyone!

As I mentioned before, I now attend Barnard College in Manhattan. So of course I went to this years Fashion's Night Out! I had a wonderful evening, spending most of my time in the West Village and in the Meatpacking District. I'm loving my new Marc Jacobs Dot perfume (highly recommended by the way it smells phenomenal), and I'm also loving the fact that as  I left school for FNO, the Columbia University Style Guru, Twyla Shelmire, photographed me for! Check out the feature here! More coming this saturday to MSM!

Wearing an Urban Outifitters top, Marc Jacobs necklace, holding Marc Jacobs Dot perfume.


Christina Anne

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Get Nailed

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Well hello, everyone.

So it's no secret that I've been a bit out of comission for about a year. However, now I am a freshman at Barnard College in NYC, and I'm totally excited to get back in the game. I thought I would start out with a photoblog type post of a new segment I want to start called Nail Art of the Month Club. So, here's some nail art that I've done every month of 2012 so far! Get ready to get nailed!


For January I did snowfall nails with a snowman accent nail. I used OPI's Divine Swine over Manicurist of Seville, also OPI. Then I used Nubar nail art brushes to do the designs. I swear by those things they are phenomenal.


Ever heard the Sara Bareilles song Bottle it Up? Inspired by her lyrics, I layered pop art Barbie hearts over OPI's Pink Flamenco for Valentine's Day. 


 As the chair of my high school's Dance Marathon to support Rady Children's Hospital, I had to have some nails that matched the Dr. Suess theme. Done with Clinique's Pure Red and OPI's Blue My Mind.


Easter time! I stuck with my tradition this year of doing some easter egg nails. And no nail is the same color! For simplicity purposes, I won't name them all, but they are all OPI.


My Senior Prom theme was Starry Night. Oh, cliche. Here I used My Private Jet by OPI for the base, did some ombre giltter with some cheap NYColor glitter, and magnetic stars using nails inc london's Trafalgar Square.


For June I did an all Chanel mani using Rouge Noir (my favorite Chanel color) as a base with a leaf design using Gold Lame. 


Inspired a bit by all of the superhero movies that came out this summer (The Avengers, anyone?) I did my Fourth of July nails this year in a Captain America inspired fashion. For this mani I used Clinique's Pure Red as a base, then layered OPI's Dating a Royal on top. The stars are done with Chanel's Gold Lame and the silver detailing is done with a Sally Hansen nail art pen. A bit of a smorgasboard, but I think it works, no?


 Confession: between July 27th and August 17th, I watched the London Olympics as if it were my job. These nails boast the Olympic motto (the English translation, that is) and a gold medal accent nail. Citius, Altius, Fortius!


This may be my favorite nail design ever. Inspired by this butterfly given to me by the lovely people at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, I decided to try macro butterfly nails. The base is OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard! and the designs are done with Nubar nail art brushes. 


 For my first manicure in college, I thought I would try an ombre technique done with sponges. The base is Pink Flamenco, the middle layer is Florentine Fuschia, and the tips are OPI on Collins Ave. All OPI.

Roommate/Hallmate manis

 One of the best things abou my roommates and hallmates is that they all love nail art as well! The above picture is some fun tuxedo nail art I did on my floormate Xinni. The base is OPI's A Grape Fit, and the designs are with the Nubar brushes.

My roommate from China is blessed with just about the best nail shape ever. This manicure that I gave her has no joke lasted eight days without chipping. It's not gel. China Glaze base in Turned Up Turquoise with glitter coating from an unknown source. It's my other roommates.

I hope this somewhat renews your faith in me! I can't wait to become more regular again, including an awesome post after next weekend's Travel and Leisure Global Bazaar!

Christina Anne

El Mundo Hispano En Nueva York

Monday, September 17, 2012
Para un proyecto en mi nuevo clase de Español a Columbia University, voy a escribir unas composiciónes sobre mis experiencias con el mundo hispano en Nueva York. ¡Espero que ustedes les gustan algo un poco differente además que la moda!

Este jueves yo fui a un salón para pintarme las uñas. Yo fui a Golden Nails en la calle 113 y Broadway. Todos los estilistas hablan solamente español, y fue una buena oportunidad para practicar mi español. Primero, yo dije que quería cambiar el color de mis uñas. Originalmente mis uñas estaban rosadas, rojo oscuro, y coral en unas rayas que se llaman tresillo, o en ingles, ombré. Pero, el esmalte de uñas se astilló, y quise cambiarlo. Yo encontré dos colores. Uno se llama En la Noche, y era un morado metálico. Pregunté, “¿Es posible poner este color en todas mis uñas excepto en una en cada mano, y en la uña que no tiene el color En la Noche, puedes poner un color oro con purpurina?” Ella fue muy agradable y dijo “¡Claro que si!” Durante el resto de mi manicure, ella me preguntó cosas sobre el manicure. “¿Quieres uñas redondas o cuadradas?” Yo dije, “Cuadradas por favor.” “¿Quieres que yo corte tus cutículas?” “¡Si, por favor! Porque están muy descuidadlas.” También yo le pregunté a ella sobre el proceso de dar un manicure. “¿Cuál es la diferencia entre los dos?”, yo pregunté, mientras que señalé con el dedo  dos líquidos, uno que era rosado y uno que era transparente. Ella había usado los dos para remover mi esmalte de uñas. “Si, “ ella dijo. “El rosado solamente es removedor, pero el transparente es acetona. Es mas fuerte.” Después, ella me pintó las uñas. Yo le pregunté a ella si podía añadir una capa más de esmalte, porque me gusta cuando mis uñas están más oscuras. Por fin, ella puso mis uñas debajo de un ventilador durante seis minutos. Durante los seis minutos, ella también puso una luz negra en mis uñas para solidificar la pintura. Después de todo, yo pagué trece dólares (y tres para la propina) para mi manicure. ¡Fue muy bonito! ¡Me gustaría volver a Golden Nails muy pronto!

Christina Anne