Magnetic Attraction

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I buy a lot of things from Sephora. It's not wierd, I promise. However, usually I refrain from buying nail polish because of a devotion to all things OPI. However, this time I violated my gold painted rule, because I found something way too cool to pass up.

Magnetic Nail Polish. I'm not kidding. Created by the chic line nails inc., which features nail lacquer inspired by the U.K., this nail polish takes nail art to another level.

Paint the polish onto your nail, then place the magnet in the bottle lid over your nail. The magnet will propel the microscopic metal shavings in the nail to create awesome geometric patterns. Have fun with it! Hold the magnet in different ways, and the outcome will be funky, futuristic designs. 

This really is the next big trend in nail polish. So try it out! Why not? 

Nail art just got a whole lot simpler.

Christina Anne