Sunday, September 4, 2011
Well I love clothes as much as the next fashion fanatic, but something that really intrigues me is when photographers take basic pieces and capture them in a way that makes them fantastical. Some of my friends are fantastic photographers and models, so here is a little post dedicated to them, with a few of my favorite shots of theirs. The three photographers featured in this post are Jay Rihn, Stewart Jackson, and Cody Behan.

Jay Rihn featuring Leyna Rowan

It's three different necklaces. I was tricked too.

This must be what magazine editors look like at the end of the day. Cheetah print pointy toed heels and all.

Check out more of Jay's work at

Stewart Jackson featuring Shea Sweeney

This makes me think of old Irish plays like Brian Friel's Dancing at Lughnasa. The dark warrior woman in a prim eyelet dress.

Accélération Primavera

At first glace this looks like a painting, the environment is surreal. My favorite elements are Shea's firey hair and pumps, which really stand out against the blue green based background. And of course, who doesn't love a regular jaunt along the train tracks?

Check out more of Stewart's work here.

Cody Behan featuring Shea Sweeney and Amanda Troy

How the Brits avoid rain, evidently. This is so airily powerful. Like the umbrella is trying to pull her away, but she stands her ground.

So ethereal, but rooted in the rock by her shoes.

Because you always wished you could just hang off the edge of a fire escape, with no regard to the drop below. Pure bliss.

Black swan come to mind? This is what Kanye West had in mind when he referenced his beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy.

The future of fashion photography sure looks bright from where I'm standing.

Christina Anne