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Monday, January 24, 2011
Glass. Clear, fragile, breakable. Meltable, moldable, able to see through-able. Wearable. No, not around your neck in a little link of beads, but perhaps let's say...dress-able. If you're getting what i'm saying here.

Glass has been used for centuries to makes vases, glasses, windows, and gorgeous jewelry (also paperweights but those don't seem to have much of a real use). Never before has anyone  really considered using glass to make a dress. Until now.

At the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY, there is an absolutely amazing sand blasted glass dress by Karen La Monte. The eerily empty gown is accompanied by a shawl, and looks almost like it was just draped by a french couturier. It's so realistic that you can almost see a ghostly figure gliding in a haunted ballroom.

Then off to the more ridiculous. Meant to be worn over a slip, this dress is entirely made out of emerald glass rings and loops of silver. With a funky 70's vibe and a cool one shoulder bodice, you'd be sure to stand out wherever you wore it. Perhaps not the most conventional attire though...

One of Karen LaMonte's drapery studies with glass. It looks like silver silk!

Check out more of Ms. La Monte's dresses at !!

Christina Anne


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