Sweet As Sugar

Sunday, February 6, 2011
With the exception of those who have sworn off sugar and those who are deathly allergic to lactose, everyone loves a good cupcake. However, while some go to grocery stores or whip out the Funfetti, others enjoy tastier and far more adorable treats; namely, gourmet.

Gourmet cupcakes have become a huge deal. They come in all kinds of amazing flavors, and have really cool decorations, such as these Chanel ones. Another thing they're perfect for: Valentine's Day. Check out my favorites for the iced pink holiday.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Christened as the "World's First Cupcake Bakery," Sprinkles opened in Beverly Hills in 2004, and since then has opened stores in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Newport Beach, Scottsdale, San Francisco, and to my personal delight, La Jolla. 

Topped with a "modern dot," these cupcakes are perfect for Valentine's Day. Check out their XOX box, their Red Hot Velvet Cupcakes, and their Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cupcakes for a sweet delight!

Magnolia Bakery

Although it does not bear the name, Magnolia Bakery really was the shop to start the cupcake trend. It opened in 1996 in Greenwich Village, it now boasts six total locations, with one in Dubai, another in Los Angeles, and the remainder in New York. 

Their Valentine's cupcakes are perfect for a whimsical Valentine. Check out the Love Note box, the Devil's Food Cake Sweet Sayings cupcakes, the Ken <3's Barbie Cupcakes (above) or their Valentine's Day Cupcakes. Just beware: Magnolia's biggest namesake is always having a line out the door!

Cupcake Love

Located in sunny Solana Beach, Cupcake Love is the percect place for a sweet by the sea. Their decadent Rocky Road cupcakes and their Chocolate Dipped Strawberry cupcakes are a brilliant V-Day treat.

Check back tomorrow for another Valentine's post, just because I love you.

Christina Anne


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