Hottest Look of the Week: Footwear Fit for Super(woman)

Saturday, September 18, 2010
I'd like to start off this post saying that I am rushing to get up all the fashion week posts as quickly as possible.

At New York Fashion Week, people get creative. You aren't even allowed into the tents at Lincoln Center if you don't look fabulous. Fashion bloggers and photographers for magazines hunt through the crowd to find the best dressed people to post about. However, the best way to get your picture taken is by wearing awesome shoes. In some cases, REALLY awesome shoes.

If you're planning on strutting statement shoes, wearing a monochromatic outfit shows them off. We love this woman here who dressed in a chic black dress and tights. Her funky pixie cut helps finish off the look.

What makes her bright yellow shoes stand out? The hilarious comic strip printed on them. The shoes say the effect they have on people; POW! and BOOM! are totally what I thought of too.

Christina Anne


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