Oh, The Shoe Fits, Trust Us

Saturday, August 7, 2010
Here's a little MSM Biology lesson: The only human appendages that never stop growing are ears, noses, and feet. But what does that mean for our one of a kind white leather oxfords? 
We all have that pair of shoes (or 6 pairs, if you're anything like Taryn Juliette) that you just can't bear to part with, but sometimes the shoes just doesn't fit. When you find yourself in this position, we know exactly where you can turn: 
 "If the shoe doesn't fit" is a website that allows you to buy & sell your precious foot jewels that just don't fit anymore. It's an auction style site where the highest bid takes home the hottest shoes. But don't be fooled, not all of the shoes are previously used. This site has plenty of brand new shoes that are auctioned off everyday for cheaper than you'll ever find them in a department store. 
Fabulous. Enough said.

But don't wait to check out the shoes that are up for sale at "If the Shoe Doesn't Fit," because they're almost all one of a kind, so that everyone can find a pair of shoes (or 6) that are the perfect fit.

Christina Anne and Taryn Juliette


Nav said...

what a cool site, thanks for sharing!



MyStyle said...

Hi there-thanks for stopping by and a great post, what a fab idea!!

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