A Full Week of Fabulous

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
As the summer drones on, we can imagine that all of our readers are getting pretty bored. We definitely have the case of the summer blues here in Southern California, because for some reason the sun just can't seem to shine. Whenever it gets too cloudy for our taste, there is really only one solution: hit up Manhattan. This weekend I leave for the Empire State to pull you lovely people out of the doldrums, so stay tuned for a Week of Miss Saturday Morning. Starting this Saturday we will be posting every single day for a week with some insider makeup secrets, behind the scenes tours, and fabulous street style. So put on your bikinis, grab your shades, and head over to Miss Saturday Morning; this summer is about to get a whole lot more stylish.

Christina Anne

P.S. As a kick off to a week of fabulous fashion, I just found this picture from my Spain trip this past Spring. I love my friend Mckenna's (on the left) style, very classic and cute. Ralph Lauren would be proud.


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